Graco S100 and Titan 850 Field Marker Differences

A recent question was asked about the differences between the Graco S100 (FieldLazer) and the Titan Speeflo PowrLiner 850 line stripers. As a owner of both these units for demo purposes I can offer several insights. The Graco S100 has been on the market for about 5 years while the Titan 850 a little over 2 years. Both have gone through some equipment upgrades.

Besides a price comparison the Titan 850 has several advantages over Graco S100:
1) swivel front wheel,
2) 50' versus 25' of spray hose,
3) better quality and easier mounting bracket for spray wand handle,
4) supports TR2 spray tip (quick switch tip for two different line widths),
5) adjustable pump pressure for applying undiluted paints for pavement and synthetic turf applications.

The Titan 850 requires the Tru Mark Titan Spray Shoe Assembly accessory to duplicate the Graco S100 Spray Shoe Guards.

A couple design considerations where the Graco S100 shines include the handlebar assembly which  is more rigid when in the operational configuration and the intake line from the paint tank is of higher quality material. The Graco S100 uses the Honda GTX 35cc engine which is well respected in the industry.

There are a couple YouTube video clips that may be beneficial for reference purposes.
Using the S100 on a discus pit
Graco marketing video for the S100
An early Graco marketing video
Titan marketing video primarily on pavement
Titan Facebook business page

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