Sports Field Management -- Field Painting Like a Pro

Tru Mark searches out experts in our sports turf field to improve our products and services while helping our customers to improve the field maintenance operations, especially when it comes to sports field marking

A recent article in the Sports Turf Management Magazine, April issue, Field Painting Like a Pro, Mike Schiller, hits a lot of high points and can be used by youth sports association volunteers thin on budget and time as well as full time professionals. A few of the highlights for me include training of key personnel, having a backup plan, good preventive maintenance procedures to minimize downtown, and having critical spares on hand and a vendor that works well on short notice.

We've captured some similar nuggets of wisdom over time and included several references that should be helpful.
 Tru Mark is always open to your tricks on sport field maintenance operations so send us an email and we'll share with others.

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