Plant Growth Regulator in Field Marking Paint Saves Time

Dr. Dave Minner, Iowa State University Turf Grass Extension Educator, shows how Syngenta's Primo MAXX, turf grass plant growth regulator (PGR), added to field marking paint can save your staff time painting sports field lines. Review more images from the turf plot trail photo album.

His turf plot trial supported the 1st Annual Midwest Regional STMA Field Day and Educational Conference, June 24-25, 2009.

The turf grass trial reflected three conditions, diluted paint applied with no Primo (the control), 1/2 ounce of Primo per diluted gallon of paint, and 1 ounce of Primo per gallon of diluted paint. The turf trail started on June 7th and results witnessed June 24th by conference attendees.

The turf was mowed twice a week during the 17 day period (approximately 5-6 times).

Results indicate that sports turf managers can save time by not having to stripe sports fields as often as normal, 14-21 days versus the traditional 7-10 days.

The image shows that the center stripe area has no Primo added to the paint, while the striped line on the right has 1/2 ounce of Primo per diluted gallon of paint and the left line has 1 ounce of Primo per gallon of diluted paint.

Check with your local golf course superintendent to see if they are using a turf grass PGR and their Syngenta supplier and PBI/Gordon Corp Embark distributor.

Tru Mark posted an earlier blog entry concerning two PGRs, Embark and Primo.

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