Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Your Guide To Athletic Field Stencils

Your Guide To Athletic Field Stencils

Are you ready to add some inspiration and paint your field with your team logo, name or mascot? We have created a guide on our website that will answer many frequently asked questions about field stencils. Here is a quick summary and you can read the full guide here.

The Basics

Hash Mark Stencil
Let’s start with the necessities. Of course you will need your white boundary lines. For football you’ll need hash marks and sideline numbers painted on the field. For baseball you will need the batters and catchers box and base path painted.

Let’s Talk End Zones

The possibilities are endless when decorating your end zone to add some personality to your field.
  • End Zone Letter Stencils: Spell out your school name, your team name, your mascot or a unique phrase in your end zone using our standard letters stencils in either a block font or a collegiate font or we can create custom letters using a font you provide. Letters are cut individually on 10 mil flexible plastic so no duplicate letters need to be purchased. When the stencils arrive simply unfold them and space them out as desired in the end zone.
  • Custom Logo End Zone Stencil: Add your school logo or mascot to the end zone in a stencil that is custom made for you. Our custom field stencils are made from either an 8 mil plastic in a “connect-the-dots” style cutout or a 10 mil “paint-by-number” style cutout depending on what will make your stencil easiest to paint and last the longest.
  • End Zone Patterns: Checkerboard, tiger stripes or houndstooth pattern end zones are typically created using measuring and string but a stencil can be created at any size or scale to make this job easier!

Mid Field Inspiration

Bring the inspiration with a midfield logo stencil for your football field. Most football midfield stencils are made to fit between the 45 yard lines (approx. 27’-30’ in width). We use either an 8 mil plastic in a “connect-the-dots” style cutout or a 10 mil “paint-by-number” style cutout for our football midfield stencils based on what will make your stencil easiest to paint and last the longest. You can use your school mascot or team logo or any other image to bring attention and make your field look unique. Check out any college football field stencil or professional football field stencil to get ideas!

Soccer Field Stencils

Bring the inspiration with a midfield logo stencil for your soccer field! A midfield soccer stencil would be located within the center circle which gives you up 57 feet to work with although most are around 30 feet.  Custom logos can also be placed in the corners or down the touchlines.  We use either an 8 mil plastic in a “connect-the-dots” style cutout or a 10 mil “paint-by-number” style cutout for our soccer midfield stencils based on what will make your stencil easiest to paint and last the longest. You can use your school mascot or team logo or any other image to bring attention and make your field look unique. Check out any college or professional soccer pitch stencil to get ideas!

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

Softball or baseball field stencils are a great way to make a lasting impression of your team to fans, alumni and recruits!
  • Base Line Stencils: Make this space look unique by adding a logo for a special event (ie: championship game or a tournament logo) or your team name using a custom letter stencil or a custom logo stencil. Images that are rectangular and wider than they are tall look best in this area
  • Logo Stencil for Behind Home Plate: This is a great area to advertise your team’s logo or mascot using a baseball field stencil.
  • Infield or Outfield Stencils: You can use a giant stencil for the outfield or a very small stencil for behind the pitcher’s mound to add some personality to your field.
  • Baseball Field Stencil: 8.5’ diameter baseball to paint on your field. Add your player’s number for a special tribute to a particular player.

Unique Uses for Custom Field Stencils

Whatever your event entails we can create a custom stencil to bring awareness to your cause or brand.

What’s the Custom Stencil Process Like?

·       Send us your logo in a high resolution format; a vector file works best. Along with your logo it is helpful to know your deadline and where on your field you want the logo as well as the approximate size that you have in mind. If you aren't sure what size would look best or if you want us to quote multiple size options we can do that and make recommendations.

When converting a logo that is used for printing to a graphic that gets painted on a field sometimes we need to make moderate tweaks to the logo to make sure it 1) can be cut 2) can be painted and most importantly 3) can be seen by the fans! We will always tell you up front if any adjustments need to be made to your logo.

We will quote the size and cost of the stencil as well as provide the current lead time. Mockups are available at the customer request.

 If you need graphic work done on your logo we can make small changes at no cost. Any complex graphic work can be done and is charged hourly at $50/hour.

Stencil production is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Lead times are approximately 2-3 weeks during the busy season of July through September.

Your stencil will ship with detailed instructions for painting. We are always available via phone, text or FaceTime to help with painting if you have questions right from the field.

What Are Field Stencils Made of and How Long Will it Last?

The sideline number stencils and hash mark stencils are manufactured from durable, rigid sheets of plastic which means they will last for many, many applications if not forever! The letter stencils and custom logo stencils are manufactured from either an 8 mil or 10 mil agricultural grade sheet plastic for durability, flexibility and easy storage by rolling or folding. Letter stencils and custom field stencils vary in how long they will last based on the complexity of the image and how the stencil is cut. We can give you an estimation for the life expectancy of your stencil during the quoting process.

How Much Paint is Needed for a Field Stencil?

A rule of thumb for painting field stencils is approximately 1 gallon of diluted bulk paint per 100 square feet of stencil. For example a Large Block Letter stencil, 10' x 16', will have approximately 100 square feet of painted area. When using aerosol paint we would recommend 4 cans of aerosol paint per letter. If this is the first application you may use more and subsequent painting operations will likely use less paint. 

How to Paint Field Stencils

When using the custom stencil bring with you a colored picture of the logo. This allows the field painting staff to recognize how the stencil was manufactured relative to the logo features. Many custom stencils will have a border or series of borders. Some of these borders will be cut out using bracing for strength and designated by using a series half moon and rectangular cut outs.
Cut the grass as short as possible, this will make for a more clear image and you can use less paint!

Step 1: Lay out stencil on ground to relax.
Arrange stencil on field in desired location.
Prior to taking the stencil to the field we recommend spreading out it to lay flat and remove creases. You want to minimize the amount of time that a custom stencil is spread out on the natural turf to reduce any heat stress to the turf. Use some method to square the stencil on the playing field, using the yard lines and hash marks and string. Once the field stencil has been laid out you must secure the stencil in place using sandbags or other weights - we do not recommend piercing the plastic with anything, such as landscape staples.

Have all your different colored paint and painting machine available before the stencil is laid out. Have a rinse pail of water available for mistake corrections and clean-out between paint colors. Use an aerosol field marking paint can or spray wand applicator connected a field marking paint sprayer to quickly outline the painted sections of the stencil so the stencil can be removed quickly from the turf. 
Step 2: Paint all sections removed from the plastic.

Step 3: Remove stencil and fill in all areas held in place by bracing.
After the stencil has been removed then fill in the respective painted areas. 
To help a stencil stand out you can first paint a white background. Also you can free hand paint a different color border around the logo. This is especially effective for end zone letter stencils and is really easy to do!

For those stadiums with shorter bleachers we recommend placing the stencil on the home field side of center line of the field. More of the stencil will be visible due to the height of football field center relative to the sideline.

Keep in mind as you are painting that the stencil is designed to look best from a distance so stand back to get a better perspective!

Bring a camera - the logo is going to look great and you are going to want a picture! Send a copy to TruMark so we can admire your work as well!

Contact us via email or call us at 800-553-6275 and we can help bring the inspiration to your field!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What is the Best Synthetic Turf Paint for the Job?

Is your synthetic turf field doing double duty? Maybe even triple duty? We get numerous calls about the increasing demands that a field needs to meet. The Eco Chemical TempLine Synthetic Turf Paint products offers the perfect solution regardless of your field needs.

The Original formula is the most popular paint providing easy application, thorough coverage and high weather and play resistance. It allows for fast removal and changeover speeds if necessary.

The Fast Break formula is designed for short-term events or when frequent field changes are required. It is moderately resistant to weather and play. The true value of this formula comes into play when removal is necessary. This is a good paint for warm, dry climates and other high-temperature conditions.

The Tough formula is the most durable formulation designed for harsher conditions that require greater weather resistance or durability. This is ideal for longer term applications.

All of the paints are available in a variety of vibrant colors. The paint coats but does not create build-up and doesn't texture to negatively impact the play on the field.

Whether you have extensive experience with synthetic turf paint or if this is your first time using it you will get the support necessary to identify the correct product for the job and professional guidance in preparation, painting and removal.

Give us a call at 800-553-6275 or send us an email to learn more!

Looking for a Better Way to Paint Your Field? Try Natural Grass Box Paint!

Good grass paint needs to deliver certain essential benefits – easy prep and application, reliable on-field performance, and a reasonable price.

  • Soil-friendly, and harmless on all varieties of grass
  • Water-based formulas have no harmful VOCs
  • Greatly reduced storage space requirements: one pallet of 48 boxes = 4 pallets of 5 gallon pails
  • The equivalent of 75 aerosol cans at 20% of the cost
  • No aerosol propellants polluting the air, and no aerosol cans going into the trash
  • Virtually no packaging waste
  • Concentration can be adjusted simply by adding water

TempLine Natural Grass Box Paint comes in concentrated form, ready to mix with water, packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. Each 26lb. box contains two kits – each kit makes between 5 and 7 gallons of paint, depending on your desired coverage.

Give us a call at 800-553-6275 or send us an email to learn more about this product or to try a sample!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tight Budget? Get Your Field to Work for You!

Budgets are tight and it seems like turf managers are being asked to do more with less, as noted in the 2017 State of the Industry Survey completed by SportsField Management.  There are a variety of ways that you can get your field to work for you. Many organizations are partnering with businesses to generate additional sources of revenue. 

Imprinting corporate logos on windscreens or tarps and covers are a great way to gain additional financing for those items.Windscreens and tarps will last for years to come displaying both your sponsor(s) and your own logo. 

We are seeing more and more corporate logos on collegiate and professional fields. Logos can be applied with a custom stencil season long on natural grass fields or synthetic turf, or they can be as brief as a single day. The possibilities are endless. A custom logo stencil is an easy way to provide the exposure that the sponsor is looking for and at the same time won’t strain your already tight resources. With the added sponsorship contribution you might even be able to get that new laser for your paint sprayer you have been eyeing!

We recently completed a large project for the Vermont Bucks Football team. As their exclusive stencil provider we created stencils for the corporate sponsors to feature their logos on the field.  

No matter what project you are contemplating, we can help you analyze, price, mock up and execute your plan so that you can maximize the opportunity while maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of your field.

Give us a call at 1-800-553-6275 or send us an email at Info@TruMarkAthletics.com to get started today!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How Much Aerosol Paint Do I Need For a Football Field?

We get asked the question "How much paint do I need?" at least once a day. And of course our answer is usually, "It depends!" Here's a basic estimate for how much paint you need for a football field using aerosol paint.

The dimensions of a "full" football field are 120 yards (360') long x 53 1/3 yards (160') wide.

We are assuming that a 4" line is being painted using an aerosol marking machine.

Painting the sidelines, every 5 yard line, numbers and hash marks for a football field it will take approximately 3 cases of paint (12 cans/case) for a single pass.

If you don't paint the hashes or numbers you can get away with 2 cases of paint.

....now if you walk faster than the average person, or your grass hasn't been mowed in a month call us and we can help you adjust the estimate...

Call (800)553-6275
Email: info@trumarkathletics.com

Thursday, August 4, 2016

How to Layout End Zone Letters on a Football Field

Football End-Zone Letter Layout

We got a great question from a customer today regarding how to lay out end-zone letters. Well, the question was more like, "After you ship these to me are we on our own?" The answer is "No way would we leave you hanging!"

Here are the TruMark tips for laying out our End Zone Stencils:

Step 1: String lines for the top and bottom of the letters. Measure 7 feet from the goal line into the end zone and 7 feet from the back of the end-zone towards the middle. Pull a string line across the width of the end-zone at each point. This will leave 16’ in between the strings where your letters will be placed.

Step 2: Find the middle of the end-zone. Pull another string line from the goal post to the goal line. This is your measurement for the center of the end-zone.

Step 3: Space out your letters. If you have an odd number of letters the middle letter will be in line with the goal post. If you have an even number of letters, measure off the string line (both ways) 4 to 5 feet. This will become the edge of your letter. Continue spacing until all letters are evenly spaced along the string line.

Step 4: Paint the letters. The first application of the letters during the season will typically use more paint, up to two coats. Here is what we recommend for touch-ups throughout the season: If you are using bulk paint, plan on 1 gallon of diluted field marking paint (or flat exterior latex) for every 100 square feet or approximately 1 gallon per letter. If you are using aerosol paint plan on approximately 4 cans of aerosol paint per letter.


  • The total width of the end zone is 160’ and the depth is 30’. 
  • The 16’ height of the letter is measured from the actual cut letter, not the top/bottom of the plastic. Letters are 16' tall and most are 10' wide except the following: W is 11', R, P and B are 9.5', S is 9', I is 2.5' 
  • It looks best if there is 8 to 10 feet between letters, but no more than 16 feet between letters. 

If you want to learn more about how to liven up your end zone contact us! Call us at 1-800-553-6275 or send us an email!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Field Painting 101

There was a great article recently published by SportsField Management that included some do's and don'ts of basic field painting. If you are new to field marking this is a great resource. Here is a link to the article and also a summary of some of the tips that we love with our own input!

Link to Field Painting 101 Article by SportsField Management

  • DO use the right equipment! Whether you are using a bulk paint machine or an aerosol sprayer it is important to select the right one for the job. Do you need a battery powered or gas operated machine? What capabilities such as pressure adjustment, engine power, self-propelled, etc are right for your needs? We can help you assess your situation to get the right machine for the job.
  • DO take care of the grass! Between ongoing maintenance with seeding, fertilization and aerification to proper mowing techniques, the job of field painting will always be easier with healthy grass.
  • DO consider the best paint for your needs! Based on your unique situation, we can make a recommendation as to the type of paint would be best suited. Considerations include bulk paint vs. aerosol paint, brand and quality level, and paint to water dilution ratios.
  • DO use a field stencil! Make your life easier by investing in a stencil that you can use once at the beginning of the season to paint your field and then simply touch up by hand as needed.
  • DON'T get sloppy with strings! Our string winders are great products to help you quickly lay and rewind string.
  • DON'T forget to prepare for mistakes! Bring a bucket of water or a wet towel with you to the field. Rogue paint is common!

For any questions give us a call at 1-800-553-MARK, send us an email or visit our website. We look forward to helping you make your field shine!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Create the Perfect Batter's and Catcher's Boxes

Introducing a new product...The Perfect Box.

The easiest way to paint the batter's and catcher's boxes without measuring. 

  • Use as a template or a stencil
  • Lightweight aluminum that won't rust
  • 70' or 90' base path 
  • 4' x 6' batters box
  • 43" x 80" catchers box

To learn more visit our website, send us an email or give us a call at 800-553-6275.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Making Field Painting Easier- Eazy Crease Interview with the Developer

The EazyCrease Marking System and EC Lines Full Field Lining Kit are saving people time and effort to mark their lacrosse, soccer, football fields and field hockey. For an inside look at how these products were created we decided to interview the developer, Dusty Wethington.

Tell us about your background with sports?
I played lacrosse while in high school for University of Kentucky lacrosse club; because there was no high school lacrosse in Kentucky.  I was a player coach for Eastern Kentucky University lacrosse team. I played roller hockey on a house and travel team. Now I coach my son and daughter’s middle school lacrosse teams. For the past five years I had fall and summer lacrosse camp to teach kids how to play lacrosse. I’ve coached sports for over thirty years.

How did the original Eazy Crease design come about?
The high school I coached got their football field turfed, but no lacrosse lines where added. I have OCD really bad and I was afraid of marking the crease (the circle that goes around the goal) because the paint would last about three weeks and I didn’t want to mess up a field that cost almost a million dollars. One night I had a dream of the perfect tool. The dream was so strong I got out of bed and wrote everything down. That morning when I woke up I grabbed my list and off to the hardware store I went. I got home put together a tent stake, garage door wire, wire clips, electrical pole clamp about $50.00 dollars’ worth of parts. I went outside and started painting perfect circles all over the yard, my wife thought I had lost my mind. It took me less than a minute to make the circle. I said to myself that’s the easiest crease I have ever made, and I have made many over the years.

How long did it take you to go from product concept to the market?
It took about 6 months from concept to market. The main thing was getting the cost down, and making it to last forever.

How does an Eazy Crease and EC Lines work?                                                                  
Eazy Crease has a spike, line, and paint can clamp. Just put the spike in the ground and start painting the perfect circle or arc every time.

EC Lines has all four border lines and then you move them down or across the field using tag numbers on the line to guide you. The best part is not worrying if your lines are the right length, every line is pre-measured. 

What are the lines made out of?         
The lines are made of aircraft grade steel orange coated line. The great thing about the lines, they will not knot up.

There is a lifetime guarantee on all of the Eazy Crease products. Why do you feel that is important?
My favorite question. My father was a man that if he could put duct tape on something that was broken and it would last for 15 minutes, and it would break again he would just get more duct tape. This would drive me crazy, so now when I build something I want it to last longer than me. I sold over a thousand of my Eazy Crease products and for the past four years so far no one has ever contacted me with any problems.

What fields do you line on a regular basis? How much time does the Eazy Crease/EC Lines save you?
I coach my son’s middle school lacrosse team and the assistant coach for my daughter’s middle school lacrosse team and I have to line the fields. It takes me and two other people about an hour to mark the boys and hour and half to mark the girl’s because of the circle, arc, and hash marks.

What sparked your idea to add the Full Field Lining Kits to the product line last year?
Last season it took me and three other people; two and half hours to measure and paint the boy’s field and I said to myself there has to be a better way. So I used the line that I make the Eazy Creases products, and made the first EC Lines, full field marking kit. It took me and two others one hour to mark the same field. The great thing about Eazy Crease products you don’t have to measure anything.

You can make the Eazy Crease in custom sizes. Is this a popular option?
Yes, each Eazy Crease product is made by hand so it might take a little longer to make a custom kit because of the measurements, but as a coach I understand that sometimes field space can play a part, age groups can play a part. Now sports are having tournaments with smaller teams and smaller fields. I hope one day Eazy Crease can partner up with tournament host and set up there field for them.

What is your favorite sports team and why?
My favorite team is whatever team my kids are on. Kids today don’t worry so much about winning and losing, they just love playing.

Are there any new products that are in your design pipeline?
I love solving problems, and God has given me the gift of seeing things from different perspectives. I can work on just about anything and I love to make things easy to use. So if any of your readers has an idea that I can help, please just ask. 

For more information on the Eazy Crease products visit our website, send us an email or give us a call at 800.553.MARK.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Is Your Field Ready for Baseball Season?

We are preparing for a blizzard here in Omaha but in a lot of states it is time to start thinking about prepping your field for baseball! Here are some products to get you started:

Is your chain link lonely? Protect your fence and give your field some personality with a Tuffy Windscreen? Made of Aer-flo's exclusive VIPOL® Matrix, Tuffy Windscreens are super durable because it contains over 50% more micro-fibers than normal vinyl windscreens. It’s virtually tear-proof, and is backed by a 5 year prorated factory warranty. Edging all around is fully wrapped in VIPOL Matrix webbing and the highest quality brass grommets are installed every 12”. This extra heavy duty edging construction virtually eliminates the nagging problem of grommets pulling through standard windscreens. Every end and corner is DOUBLE lock-stitch finished to eliminate the unraveling problem of fully chain-stitched windscreens.

Bunt Zone Protector/Trainer
This color-coded target system is used to teach bunting and hitting placement. YELLOW to bunt-for-hit, GREEN for sacrifice, RED is bad bunt OR hit-and-run target area. Includes low profile stakes and grommets around edges. Available in 3 sizes to fit all baseball & softball fields.

Rain Covers for Pitching Mound or Bases
Get the rain cover the pros use for your baseball or softball team! These high quality, wind weighted® tarps stay put in high winds without stakes or sandbags. Triple-patented and virtually wind proof, these rain and mound covers are the only ones you’ll ever need to protect your field from the elements.

For more information visit our website, send us an email or give us a call at 800.553.MARK!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Titan Powrliner Series Features

Titan has combined customer feedback with their own expertise to make some great improvements to the Powrliner Series. Here are some highlights that we love!

  • Folding gun boom for easier set-up, storage and transportation
  • Two ways to adjust fan height and gun width

  • Fully adjustable handle bars
  • Throttle and pressure controls at your fingertips
  • Storage tray
  • Cup holder
  • 12-volt charger for smartphones

Check out the video below for these features in action:

Any questions about Titan's products? Send us an email or give us a call at 800.553.MARK to learn more.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Unique Custom End-Zones at 2016 Alamo Bowl

Did you see Oregon and TCU's end zones at the 2016 Valero Alamo Bowl? These were two of the most unique end zones we have seen this year!

Custom end zones are not as difficult to obtain as you might think. First, a stencil is created based on a logo or image design. The stencil is laid out on the field and using a "connect-the-dots" method or a "color-by-number" method certain parts of the stencil are painted. Finally, the stencil is picked up and the blank space is filled in with paint.

Check out the time lapse of the Oregon and TCU end zones being painted.

Do you have an idea in mind for your own custom end zone? Contact us via email, on our website, or at 800.553.MARK to let us help you bring your logo or design to life on the field! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

TruMark Featured in SportsField Management's September Issue for Field Stencils

We LOVE bringing logos to life on a sports field!

This month, Tim McLarn was interviewed for an article in SportsField Management Magazine regarding the techniques used to create field stencils and tips and tools used to apply field stencils. We have helped many programs, large and small, see their logo or team name proudly displayed on a field. In addition, we are seeing an increasing number of sponsorship logo stencils being developed.

Check out this month's issue of SportsField Management Magazine to read the interview and learn about how TruMark's stencils are unique!

      SportsField Management
      September 2015

Contact us via email, on our website, or at 800.553.MARK for information on how to bring your logo to life on a field! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

TruMark Exclusive: Titan Powrliner 850 and 2850 Shipping with Free Accessories...Only from TruMark!

It's Time to Evaluate your Striper...And Consider a Titan!

Now Shipping with Free Accessories Exclusively from TruMark

Not everyone’s striper is going to make it through the year; in the spirit of the Boy Scouts, be prepared. Titan recently updated it's Powrliner field painting systems with advanced ergonomics and smart features that offer more control, convenience and comfort. In addition to guaranteeing your field will look perfect all season, the Titan Powrliner 850 and 2850 are versatile machines that can also be used to paint your parking lot and facilities. 
Now’s the time to consider a Titan, shipping with free accessories until Sept 15th, exclusively from TruMark.
DSC 0244

Powrliner 850

  • Adjustable pressure (100 – 3,000 PSI)
  • Simple, compact design weighs only 84 lbs
  • The most versatile machine out there. Stripe your fields AND parking lots AND buildings AND fences with one machine.
  • Removable gun for stencil or spot painting capabilities
  • Includes auto oiler and pusher valve
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free Accessories
    • TruMark Exclusive:  WindGuard Spray Shield ($200 value)
    • Mail in rebate: 4 TR1 line-striping tips ($140 value)

Powrliner 2850

  • 1 or 2 gun option
  • Powerful delivery up to .92gpm
  • Heavy duty field/turf tires
  • Versatile gun bracket can be positioned to spray on left, right front or rear of striper
  • Ideal for athletic fields and pavement as well as contractors who need a maneuverable striper
  • Watch videos of the Titan striper here or on our website
  • Free Accessories
    • TruMark Exclusive:  Linesite Laser Pointer ($400 value)
    • Mail in rebate: 7 TR1 line-striping tips ($245 value)

For more information visit our website, send us an email or give us a call at 800.553.MARK!
DSC 0200

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Never Measure for Football or Soccer Again!

We are excited to announce a new product, the EazyCrease Complete Marking System, to our lineup! This product was developed because a volunteer line-striper couldn't believe the amount of time it took to measure and mark intersections before beginning to paint the field for his son's soccer game. He came up with a set of steel-coated, pre-measured lines where the intersections are marked and tagged, eliminating the need to measure and mark every intersection.

How it Works for Football
First, you lay out the 4 exterior lines and make sure your corners are straight. There are spikes that come with the product to hold the lines in place. You then start by painting your exterior lines. Next, you pick one of the end lines and move it towards the middle of the field to the next set of clips which will be your goal line. Clip it in place and paint that line and continue for the rest of the lines on the field. You also have the option to paint the extra point line, hash marks and a clip for marking goal post center of the field.

How it Works for Soccer
Just like with football, you start by laying out and painting the 4 exterior lines, making sure your corners are straight and secure it with the provided spikes. Next, you'll move one of the end lines to the next set of clips and paint the goal box and center lines. After that you will use the traditional soccer EazyCrease (included in the kit) to paint the arcs and circles.

The great thing about the EazyCrease products is that they can be customized. We have one customer that paints multiple sized soccer fields so we custom-made him an EazyCrease with all of the different dimensions and intersections on one unit.

For more information on the product visit our website, send us an email or give us a call at 800.553.MARK.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Field Stencils: TruMark's How-To Guide for Application

New to field stencils? We can help. Here is our advice to get the best results so you can dominate the competition and impress the crowd!

  • First, cut the grass as short as possible. The stencil will look crisp and clear on shorter grass and as a bonus you will use less paint. Most stencils will need two coats of paint to look as vibrant as possible!
  • Lay out the stencil a day before you are ready to paint to help flatten out the edges. Don't lay and leave the stencil on your field- it will heat up the grass and dry it out.
  • Get some help! Depending on the size of the stencil and its complexity, we recommend having at least 1 extra person on hand to help move the stencil around and get it aligned properly.
  • Have weights available to keep the stencil in place as you are painting. Don't use stakes or anything to pierce the plastic. Our sandbags are a great option!
  • Be prepared! Take a bucket of water with in case you make a mistake so that you can instantly remove the paint.
  • Take a photo of the logo to the field with you for a visual. This is especially helpful to have if your logo has a few colors as most stencils will have bracing and outlines. This will help to make it as easy as a paint by number!
  • As with anything, a higher quality paint means less coats and ultimately less cost.
  • Take a step back! Stencils are made to look best from a distance. Keep this in mind as you are painting. Step back to get your fans perspective!
  • Get creative! Try adding a free-hand border around your logo or letters. It is much easier than it sounds and has a great visual impact!
  • When done painting lay your stencil out flat so the paint residue can dry and it doesn't stick together. Remember not to lay it on your field or it might ruin the grass!
  • Bring a camera-you're going to want a picture when you're done! Send TruMark the picture so we can share it!

Still have questions? Ready to get your custom logo and paint your field? Visit our site to see some custom stencil examples and contact us via email or at 800.553.MARK to get a quote!

We also have the basics like hash marks, sideline numbers and end-zone letters.

Stay tuned, next week we will be posting a case study for a new stencil trial at a local golf course.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Heavy Duty String Winder Product Review

TruMark's Heavy Duty String Winder:

Holding string, winding string, never breaking

Description of services:
Can be inserted into the ground, holds up to 1500 ft of string, best of all-attach it to a power drill and you can rewind all your string in minutes.

This is a no nonsense tool that holds and winds your string for field lining. String is a pain, this makes it better. Pictures speak louder than words, take a look at the video here.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Field Anchors; Looking for a Home

These field anchors are looking for a home!

They are construction grade steel anchors that have been protected from rust by being zinc plated. What they enjoy most out of life is permanently marking intersections of fields or buildings  so that you never waste your time looking for those locations again. They are 5 ½ inches in height with a 3 inch diameter top that contains a ¾ inch diameter hole in it that can contain a whisker plug, practice corner flags, or really anything else that you can think of. They are loners by nature so they prefer to be left in the ground for years.

If anyone is interested in adopting these anchors please contact us by phone at 800.553.MARK, by email or visit us online at www.trumarkathletics.com!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Field Intersections; Tricky Business

Perfect intersections are the cornerstone (pun intended, sorry about that) of a perfect field. No one wants a field that looks like this à

To help you make sure that you are creating perfect 90 degree angles at each and every location we recommend using marking whiskers to quickly and accurately locate your intersections.

The marking whiskers are bundles of brightly colored nylon that are hammered into the ground after being attached to either a 60 penny nail or a composite nail. (the composite nail gets bonus points for being less of threat to your mowers. It will break instead of damaging the mower blade if the mower ever pulls the whisker out of the ground).  You trim the whiskers to the height of the grass and can leave it in there all season. After your whiskers are in you will easily be able to find and string the lines so that they will be perfectly straight every time.

Some other items that will help you out:

Eazy Crease – circles are a pain to paint, this tool will make it the easiest part of painting the field

String winder – string gets tangled and takes a long time to rewind, let’s use a power drill and take an early lunch.

Stake-Alls – another form of whisker for those that love options

Field Anchors – versatile construction grade anchors. These go in the ground and will never come out marking permanent locations. (take a look, we make whisker plugs for them as well!)

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